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At Aquatic Safe, we recognize that your pool serves as more than just a recreational spot—it’s a sanctuary for relaxation, social gatherings, and cherished moments with loved ones.
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Transform your pool experience with our personalized consultation service, offered completely free of charge. Our expert team is here to guide you. Request your free consultation today to discover how we can tailor solutions to meet your specific needs,

Swimming Pool / Spa Barrier Inspection Report (Form 23)

Obtain comprehensive insight into the safety of your pool or spa barriers with our Swimming Pool / Spa Barrier Inspection Report service.   We thoroughly examine all aspects of your pool barriers, including fences, gates, and safety features, and document their findings in a detailed report. By adhering to the relevant Australian Standard our inspection ensures that your pool area meets regulatory requirements, promoting a secure environment for relaxation and enjoyment.

Swimming Pool / Spa Barrier Re-Inspection:

If on Inspection your pool or spa does not meet the requirements of the relevant Australian Standards, you may to have re inspection.  Re inspections are conducted within 60 days of the initial inspection.  If your pool or spa requires repairs or other work you will be fully informed of what is required and options to remedy any identified issues.

Compliance Pre Inspection

Buying a property with a pool or spa?  Our Pre Pool Compliance Consultation service ensures that your pool or spa meets all necessary safety standards. Our team conducts a thorough assessment of your pool area, examining barriers, equipment, and layout to identify any potential compliance issues. With our consultation, you’ll receive personalised recommendations and guidance to address any concerns.